Hello Thrive friends, family and fans, my name is Aaron Borowitz and I play guitar and sing for Thrive. I’d like to take a moment to share some details on our newest song “Broken” which releases April 15 on iTunes.

I’d like to start off by touching base on our saxophonist Scott Schipper. As you may or may not know, we lost our brother Scott on Dec. 28 after a three-year battle with cancer. As sad and devastating as this is, I would like to think of the ways Scott helped Thrive progress as musicians, and his determination helped push the message and vision of this band across the vast amount of people it has. Scott also had more experience with touring bands, so his position in the band was one that was highly respected.

Broken was the last song Scott recorded with us. However, I considered it a blessing every time he would breathe life into his beautiful horn, which I witnessed him purchase from a saxophone dealer in Santa Cruz right down the road from my house.

The day we recorded the song we showed up in high spirits. We were in the middle of a tour, which was going well and En Young (imperial sound recording studio/ROOTS musician records) welcomed us with open arms and good vibes.

The recording process went very smooth. All the parts came together effortlessly, and as I recall, Scott was having a lot of fun tracking his parts. We were tired, yet happy to be making new Thrive music for ourselves as well as our fans.

As we were taking a break and enjoying some silence the neighbor peeks her head over and tells us our van and trailer were being towed. Keep in mind we have a show the next day in Phoenix, Arizona.

Andrew and Matt, on practically zero sleep, handled the entire situation, which was very stressful. Also Hirie was coming into the studio and none of us had ever met outside of emails.

Somehow we finished the song and kept the vibes up while Hirie was in the studio, and at the end of the day everyone was more than happy with the new song.

This new song was inspired by a heartbreak I watched my close friend go through. I never knew how much it would resonate with me given the situation with Scott, but I know he would want us to continue this musical crusade of peace and love. Scotty loved positive music, going hand in hand with his favorite Rebelution song, Good Vibes.

It is not always cherries and blueberries out here in music land, but we continue on this path in hopes of this music reaching and resonating with people who are just like us and desire a positive change for generations to come.

Thank you for your continued support. Thrive is extremely grateful for each and every one of you and we hope you enjoy our new music.


Aaron Borowitz – singer/songwriter/guitarist THRIVE



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